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What are the best moving companies?

Check whether the removal company is affiliated with the Organization for Recognized Movers. You are of course not obliged to choose an Accredited Mover, but it does have a number of advantages. Meta Movers is affiliated with the Recognized Movers, so we can only recommend that you choose an Recognized Remover.

Guarantee and Insurance

Ask what guarantees you have with the moving company. For example, is the move guaranteed if the mover goes bankrupt unexpectedly or can you whistle for your money? And which insurance policies apply? When you choose a mover who is affiliated with Recognized Movers, insurance will in any case be taken out for your belongings during the move. This is important for the Custom boxes.

Start Taking Inventory on Time

Don’t wait too long to find a suitable moving company. It is best to start immediately as soon as you know you’re moving date. If you only start taking inventory shortly in advance, you will definitely run out of time to move in a calm manner.

Make A Personal Appointment On Location

In addition, the moving company can make a completely personal tailor-made offer. Does the moving company not want to visit you? Then you can actually already question that.

Take a Good Look at the Quotation & General Terms and Conditions

When you have received a quotation, always check carefully whether all cost items are listed. Is it clearly stated what the activities of the moving company are and what activities you will be doing yourself? Make sure you read and understand the entire quotation. If something is unclear, please contact the moving company. Of course, no matter how boring it may be, it is always wise to read the general terms and conditions.

In short: make sure you know clearly which agreements have been made. Then you can never be faced with surprises.

You have a move on the way. A move guarantees a period in which a lot has to be arranged and a period that can cause you stress. With a move, all help is welcome, a mover can unburden you by taking care of the move. The question then is: what should you pay attention to when choosing a mover? We give you 7 tips for choosing the right mover for you! For the Cosmetic Boxes this is important.

A Recognized Mover

Primarily you have to investigate whether a removal company is also a recognized mover. The difference with a recognized removal company versus other removal parties is that the staff at a recognized removal company is actually trained to be a removal company. In short, the staff is a group of certified relocation specialists. In addition, a recognized mover is insured for any damage that the household effects may incur, often up to very large amounts. In short, the cheaper alternative of an unauthorized mover without insurance can sometimes mean an expensive joke for you.

Other criteria can also serve as clues as to the seriousness of the house. Thus, know that the title of professional mover is officially recognized. Staff must therefore be registered with the Movers Social Fund, which ensures that you will not be dealing with amateurs. The moving company must also be in order with regard to transport authorizations, vis-à-vis the relevant Ministry and mandatory technical controls for its equipment.

The materials precisely, let’s talk about it. A real mover has various trucks and vans, lifts and elevators, clarks, all in perfect working order. If you find that the choice is more than limited when it comes to equipment, beware.

Price Comparison

There are several moving companies that can help you. It is therefore difficult to choose the right one between all those parties. It is smart to compare offers, with everything you purchase in products and services, relocation is no exception. Therefore, do not only look at price, but also at what service is in return!

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