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CBD Package Design that Will Boost your Sales!

CBD package design might turn into a real slippery slope for a brand. This is the market that balances on a tight rope between lawsuits and the most creative design solutions. But at the same time, many CBD brands consider the design aspect of their package not that important. They must provide all the necessary information according to FDA regulations, and the marketing aspect does not seem that important. Many companies simply lose a lot of money thinking that CBD products are made for “Those, who dig it”, so there is no need to take a risky and sometimes costly path of CBD branding, package design, and marketing. If you also think that proper packaging is a secondary and non-essential waste of time and money, we suggest that you open YouTube right now! Check out the number of views the so-called “Unpack Review” videos get and how many people pay attention to the packaging itself and a box/container design. A proper package does not only guarantee that your product will stand out on the shelf, but it may also define if the customer will buy your product again or continue to surf the market for other brands. The CBD market becomes more and more competitive. Our CBD box factory has a large experience of working with more than 100 customers. We understand the importance of packaging for your success.  

Proper CBD package is the key to success 

The hype around the CBD business is quite understandable. First of all the market for oil-infused products is extremely wide. They may be used in an almost everyday aspect of our lives from food supply to skincare. This widens the auditorium and allows any company to choose its direction and grab its piece of this fast-growing pie.  

It is important to remember that CBD products have their peculiarities. They still stand in a kind of grey legal field. This means that the legal aspect of the product itself and information that you provide on the package and commercial may still become an object of a lawsuit due to interpretation. Another downside is that the law itself is not common and may differ from state to state. That is why we always provide legal consultations to our customers working on the package design. It is such a shame to see when a great product fails due to legal complications. Therefore we make sure that our customers are aware of all the legal aspects and market their product accordingly.  

So what are the key features of a proper CBD packaging that lead to success? 

  • Design.

Yes, it is the most obvious thing, but understanding what design means for a successful product is not that easy as it might seem. Professional marketers claim that the design of the brand is at least 75% of the strategy. Before even defying what exactly you are planning to sell, you need to be determined about your perfect customer. We know that a customer will always pay attention to a brand that he might relate to as an individual. Our design team has a wide experience in market survey and branding. We shall help you to create a CBD package design that applies directly to your perfect customer. 

  • Information.

It is extremely important for CBD products to give proper information according to the law. At the same time, it does not mean that your package should only provide dry facts most formally with no personal touch. Remember, providing information on your package, you talk to your customer directly. Our team will help you to describe your product most legally and fairly. 

  • Material.

First of all, we don`t only see the package, we touch it, hold it in our hands, open and close it multiple times. The sensation that a person gets from the CBD package is a part of the experience from the product itself. We provide you several options, and it is up to you which one will express the message you want to send to your customers. At the same time, people pay much attention to the health and environmental aspect of packaging. Our factory works with the most environmental-friendly materials and recycled commodities. Using our CBD packages you will be easily able to build an image of a real Green brand.

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