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Box by Styles

Configure your own custom product any size, folding, paper stock & more..

Feature Product

These are tried and true favorites that will have you set to get down to business.

1-2-3 Bottom Box

An economical and secure box - 1-2-3 Bottom Box is what every business needs to have. It's the perfect box to display your products in.

1-2-3 Bottom Tray

All your product needs can easily fit into the 1-2-3 Bottom tray because of its safe and open packaging style.

Book End Flap

Beautiful display boxes comprise of an added double-thick glued panel at the front and are printed to perfection.

Pillow Box

From gifts to packaging needs of businesses - pillow box fulfills it all. It has a distinctive style that offers elegance and is easy to use.

Sleeve Box And Tray

With a unique style, the sleeve box and tray are perfect for all kinds of products ranging from food to cosmetics and gifts

Display Box

As indicated by its name, the display box is the ideal way to exhibit your product to your customers.

Foot Lock Tray

A great choice for food and garment retailers; foot lock tray is safe as well as spacious.

Lid Off Box And Tray

With an additional lid on top - all your products kept in the lid off box and tray are safe. It’s also easy to use

Double Wall Tuck Front

The double wall tuck front box has an innovative and durable touch to it fitted for all kinds of product needs.

Five Panel Hanger Box

Customers love boxes that are attractive and can be customized. Five panel hanger box provides that option with its auto-lock or tuck innovation.

Gable Bag 1-2-3 Bottom

Gable bag 1-2-3 box is a great way for retailers to promote their product. It’s beautiful, practical, and easy to assemble.

Hexagon Box

Not only practical, but hexagon boxes are also very smart. They are attractive and they have a lot of space, unlike regular boxes.

Lock Cap 1-2-3 Bottom Box

Lock Cap 1-2-3 bottom box is a refined box suitable for showcasing your product. It’s not only durable but it’s all spacy and safe.

Regular Six Corner Box

An effective and function box, regular six corner box is a customized box that works for all kinds of products.

Reverse Tuck Box

The reverse tuck box is practical and it also has a refined touch to it which makes it the right box for all kinds of products.

Seal End Box

Due to its sticky flap, the seal end box is very strong and secure. It’s also easy to assemble.


The high-quality sleeve box ensures that your products are safely placed. With its convenient design - it’s a perfect fit for every product especially food items.

Straight Tuck Box

The straight tuck box focuses on two significant qualities: time-saving and product visibility. It has a straight and sleek design that customers love to have.