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No matter how new and original a packaging solution may be, it must always comply with the requirements for the product to be packaged. The packaging is must have certain properties:

  • Protective;
  • Consumer;
  • Ecological;
  • Advertising and aesthetic.

The protective properties must ensure the safety of the product from the moment of packaging to the moment of consumption. They provide for the protection of the product from mechanical, physical, chemical, climatic, biological influences and prevent product changes in excess of the established standards. Using the Custom printed boxes is essential in this case.

Consumer properties of packaging are characterized by:

  • A variety of shapes and sizes of packaging;
  • The degree of readiness of the product for use;
  • Ease of handling the packaged product;
  • Convenience of consumption;
  • The ability to transfer packaging;
  • The presence of devices that prevent unauthorized opening of the package and monitor the contents;
  • Simplicity and reliability of capping and sealing.

The presence of certain environmental properties of packaging is necessary to ensure the minimum pollution of the environment by the used packaging, as well as the most efficient and cost-effective disposal of its waste.

Packaging is an integral part of modern mass culture, a product of design. Therefore, it should not only satisfy any, even refined aesthetic needs of the buyer, but also form the aesthetic level of the mass consumer.

Advertising and aesthetic properties of packaging are characterized by:

  • Informativeness;
  • The degree of attracting the attention of the buyer;
  • The level of incentives to make a purchase.

These properties extend the commercial life of a product, bring it to the market, and switch consumer demand for updated products. The development of effective packaging for a product requires organizational, economic, technological, technical and social decisions. But first of all it is necessary to define the packaging concept. The packaging concept is a clear definition of the following issues in packaging design.

What Should Be The Main Function Of Packaging?

It is obvious that full compliance of the packaging with the previously noted marketing functions is impractical: the packaging will certainly have an exorbitant and unjustifiably high cost. The answer to this question is predetermined, first of all, by the consumer properties of the product itself, by the methods of its transportation, storage, storage, by selling it on the market (wholesale or retail trade).

What Role Should Packaging Play In Promoting A Product?

First of all, it is necessary to find out the purpose of the packaging (transport or consumer). The answer to this question is predetermined by the way the product is sold, additional information that the packaging should convey to the consumer, and how it complements other marketing activities related to product promotion. The Custom Window Boxes with logo happens to be essential.

What Should Be The Packaging?

The answer to this question follows from the two previous ones, which impose on the packaging the so-called “external conditions” (what it should ideally be), and the actual, real possibilities to manufacture, buy, order such packaging (are there appropriate packaging materials, technologies, adapted whether there are packing machines for packing this product, etc.).

In addition, you should remember about the need for standardization, certification, and environmental safety of packaging. When developing it, one should not forget about other products that were previously produced or produced by the enterprise and already have packaging. Considering the above, it is necessary to determine whether any uniform elements will be used on each package (general style solution).

Design Is Essential For Packaging

Design is a term that denotes various types of design activities aimed at the formation of aesthetic and functional qualities of the subject area. In a narrow sense, design is understood as artistic construction, i.e. design of industrial products with aesthetic properties.

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