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Tips for online advertising of CBD

So you have decided to start your own CBD company. As usual, there is some good news as well as some bad news. The good news is that you have a unique chance to become a pioneer in a prosperous industry with a bright future. The world of CBD products is growing rapids and extends every year. It means that there is an application for CBD in almost every industry starting from beauty products to pet care. But there are some downsides of course. First of all, you are stepping in quite a gray legal area, which means that the branding and marketing strategies that you might use for the development of your business are quite restricted. That is why we always help our customers with legal consultations. We appreciate every CBD business and want it to develop, therefore it is such a shame when a promising enterprise breaks against a wall of legal complications. Another downside you might have to face is quite a harsh competition level. Yes, there might be not so many CBD businesses as you are, and the market is vivid. That is why you might have picked the CBD industry hoping to build your business in an uncompetitive market. But the reality is a little bit more brutal. Even if you don`t have to beat other CBD brands to success, you will still have to compete a lot. No matter what your CBD product is, there is a “traditional” analog on the market. Selling CBD products you will always have to beat the stigmas connected with cannabidiol, hemp, and cannabis in general. That is why a proper advertising strategy is crucial for a CBD business. But can the usual advertising tools that are widely used by other businesses be used by your CBD brand? Unfortunately, no. Here are some tips that will help you stop wasting your time and money on advertising and work-out a unique promotion plan. 

Google Ads 

This is the first thing that any marketer will mention while working on your promotion strategy. But using Google Ads for marketing CBD companies is a huge mistake. It is important to understand that such huge engines like Google are managed by certain algorithms. Unfortunately, right now Google ads algorithm recognizes CBD products as “Dangerous” and removes their commercials immediately. Taking into consideration the fact that Google Ads has quite a complicated pattern of targeting and settling a campaign, it might turn into a huge waste of time and money and is still not recommended for CBD brands. 

Social Media 

Unlike Google Ads, Social Media looks like quite a prosperous platform for advertising your CBD company. First of all the general policy of Facebook and Instagram advertising is quite simple and undemanding. It is quite obvious that every customer has a profile in al least one of the numerous social media. So it is very easy to reach your potential clients as soon as you have determined your target auditorium and start to produce content that appeals to it. The effect of live communication, the ability to get instant and relevant feedback from customers, and adjust accordingly makes social media the most promising promotion tool. Social media also works according to certain algorithms but they are mostly built differently than Google. In other words, it is very unlikely to be blocked by social media for your content only. Carefully building your auditorium and engaging it with quality content is the key to successful social media promotion. The only exception is Twitter. Its censorship policy against hemp-based products is pretty harsh. On the other hand, it is still a very dynamic platform that can be used for raising awareness about your brand and building a community around it. 

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