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CBD Packaging] A Happy Marriage Of Creativity And Legal Regulations

Cannabidiol (CBD) based products are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Therefore the market of legal cannabis is growing rapidly and by 2027 may reach $57 billion.  All these combined with CBD becoming a legalized mainstream product makes it one of the most prospective business in the nearest future. 

Marketing strategy is the foundation of every successful enterprise. And the packaging is an integral part of marketing. But marketing and selling CBD products has its peculiarities. Being legal, CBD products still face some serious restrictions which have to be considered when you work on the branding. So the packaging of CBD products is not only about design and creativity. Law and responsibility are just as important as aesthetics in this case.  The problem might seem bureaucratic but it still exists. CBD is derived from Marijuana.  So technically it is still illegal on the federal level.  

It is not the regular branding

 So if you are planning to sell CBD products, you should be very careful about packaging. It’s design and representation are as important as the quality of the content. Usually, if we talk about packaging failures, the worst-case scenario is low sales which require costly rebranding. CBD product packaging is a bit more complex. Layout mistakes may lead to serious legal consequences on a federal level. 

Ironically there are still no tangible legal regulations for CBD products packaging. But the previously seen flaw of lawsuits against CBD sellers and warning letters that FDA has been sending to companies before allowing us to see the general tendencies. There are some basic requirements of information layout on CBD product packaging and branding. 

So the most important thing to remember is that legal regulations are still not homogeneous everywhere. In some regions  you are allowed to sell only cosmetic CBD. Others let you deal with edible CBD products, but with some specifications about branding and package information. You might want to consult a professional, but it is important to remember the 3 basic rules which apply to all CBD packaging, no matter where and what exactly you are selling. 

  • Display information properly and legally
  • Remember the PPP (Poison Prevention Packaging ) Act of 1970
  • Don`t give any misleading information. Claiming that a product may heal or prevent disease may cause serious legal complications. (those are the main reasons for the lawsuits that we have mentioned above) 

That said, let`s have a general overview, which information should be mentioned on CBD packaging and how to turn legal requirements into a successful marketing strategy. 

Brand Name 

We are talking about branding after all. Brand name and design are especially important for CBD products as this is the foundation of marketing. This is the first and the main thing your customer will see and remember. Keeping in mind all the restrictions that seriously narrate the number of marketing tools you may use for your product, the importance of a brand name and label design for CBD products cannot be overrated. 

Product ID 

Generally, it is a short and clear description of what the CBD product does. It has to be clear and easy to find. A customer who is not familiar with particular brands is looking for the desired effect, so Product ID can be turned from legal requirement to a marketing tool. 


The amount of product should be marked without the package weight (Net Quantity NW). An important peculiarity for CBD products is mentioning the amount of active CBD per serving. In case your product has double packaging (for example a box and a bottle), this information should be mentioned in both of them. 


This part is crucial. CBD products packaging requires an entire description of all ingredients included. This is one of the first things authorities pay attention to and also a foundation of major lawsuits. 

Contact Information 

This is one more important requirement that may be turned into a marketing tool. Yes, a customer must have clear and full information about the company and all available contacts. But except for a phone number and address, it is always a good idea to place a QR code on your package. Invite people to your website or social media profile where they may learn about your company and products.  Engage in a conversation that may build a long-term relationship. 


Some peculiarities of your CBD products can be crucial for your customers. Especially if a product can cause drowsiness or otherwise – excitability. Other important features that have to be mentioned are manufacture date, expiration date, and batch codes. You should also mention whether your product is isolate, broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum. 


This is a very specific section. On the one hand, it shows how much you care about your customers and their wellbeing, on the other – save you a great deal of money and energy on lawsuits. In addition to standard warnings for pregnant women and children, you should always point at possible complications due to medical conditions or treatment. It is always a good idea to mention that a person might fail a standard drug test when he uses hemp-based products. 

As much as it is perspective and promising, CBD business has its peculiarities. Facing growing demand on the one side and bureaucratic uncertainty on another, CBD sellers still have to dance between raindrops on the way to their customers. It is important to remember that all the information given in this article is quite general and legal restrictions might differ from region to region. Therefore it is always a good idea to address legal advice before launching a brand of CBD products. 

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