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Every Thing You Need To Know About Product Packaging

So you are starting your CBD brand or plan to launch a new product? Congratulations! You might have already spent several sleepless nights working out a perfect product, picking ingredients carefully, and imagining how your CBD Oil or Tincture will bring relief, joy, and happiness to your customers. But there is one thing you will have to think of now. And this thing will determine whether your potential customers will ever notice, purchase your product, and recommend it to friends and family. In other words – whether your product packaging and brand will be a success or a big flop! And this thing is the packaging! But what if we told you that you may sit back, relax and sip a cocktail at the beach, while someone takes care of everything?

Why is packaging so important? 

It is impossible to overrate the importance of packaging for any product. But for the CBD industry, packaging carries so many functions that CBD Packaging becomes a special industry, uniting professionals from various fields. Just from the top of the head, here are only some of the key functions of CBD packaging:

  • Preservation of highly-fragile and sensitive CBD products
  • Presentation and branding of products that are still new and unfamiliar to most consumers
  • Innovative design and labeling solutions that set a tone for a new, but highly-competitive market
  • Legal clearance and presentation of products, strictly controlled by federal and local authorities

No wonder CBD packaging companies manage to collect diverse teams of high-end experts in packaging, design, marketing, and law. Therefore they are becoming popular not only among CBD brands but also in food, cosmetic, and even pet care businesses.

Pretty heavy, right? But as important as it is, proper and successful packaging is not that complicated if you know what and how to look for. Here is an easy-to-follow guide from the experts in CBD Packaging.

Choose the perfect product packaging

This might seem pretty obvious, but choosing a perfect package for your exact product requires some extra attention to detail. The main function of any package is to preserve and protect your CBD product and make sure that your customer gets it in its finest condition. Only imagine what a long way any product has to make from the manufacture to a customer. It may be shipped several times, sometimes – abroad. It will be stored in some units where no one can guarantee stable temperatures and careful handling. Eventually, it will take its place in a shop window exposed to direct light or being touched, examined, and moved several times per day. And after all those manipulations, it is responsible for keeping your product fresh, whole, and undamaged. That is why, choosing a perfect package you should think through, where and how it will be shipped and stored. 

The physical and chemical characteristics of your product are another important factor. 

  • Liquid CBD products in glass containers need to be protected from mechanic damage, therefore you might consider using thick and layered cardboard and bubble wrap
  • Kraft paper bags and custom labels are quite nifty for solid or powdered products like soap or dry shampoo distributed by weight at shops

There are lots of other things to consider while arranging a package for your product. That is why using the services of custom CBD packaging professionals will save you a lot of time and money preserving from mistakes and contingencies due to spoilt or destroyed products.

Pick a closure

Your CBD packaging is only as efficient as its closure! For some products, like CBD soaps and CBD aromatherapy candles, the fragrance is the most important component. They simply lose their value and purpose as soon as fragrance winds out. That is why their package closure should be firm and seal the air inside the package, not letting irrelevant smells get inside and destroy the original smell.

CBD oils and tinctures and other liquid products, should of course have tightly-closing containers. It will prevent them from prom spilling and evaporating. The box itself should also close firmly and tightly, so a bottle won`t slip out of it and break.

But as firm and reliable as the closure should be, people should not have problems opening it. Interaction with the package is a part of the overall experience of the product, that is why it is important to find a balance between reliability and simplicity of your closure. Custom CBD packaging will allow you to find the perfect solution without the need to compromise.


Except for the protection of the CBD goods, packaging helps you to present it to customers in the best light. It is not a moment when you want to stick to standard patterns. The highly-competitive CBD market requires some extra effort to be noticed among analogs. Custom CBD packaging will allow you to bring any concept to life, make your product speak directly to the potential consumer, drawing attention, and sending the right message. The creative team of CBD Box Factory will help you work-out a unique and original design even if you don`t have any specific concept in mind. Packaging design forms the image of your brand, speaks about the mood, atmosphere, values, and attitude of your company. And only custom CBD packaging will allow you to express it entirely.

Leave the job to us

Sometimes stand back and letting professionals do their job is the surest way to success. CBD Box Factory doesn`t only design and manufacture custom CBD packaging but takes care of all the logistics and provides door-to-door delivery. All you have to do is fill up the order. With our fast turnaround and manufacturing facilities, your custom CBD packaging will arrive faster than you can imagine. And the comprehensive customer service will keep you informed and help resolve any issue on the way.

Labels and prints

Have something super-original and unconventional on your mind? That`s just great! CBD Box Factory is ready to fulfill any packaging concept! We can print your labels and designs on any surface – from paper and cardboard to plastic. Our prints are always bright and clear, and the materials are durable and water-resistant. 


Who has time for running from one place to another, arranging all the logistics, taking care of delivery and shipping? We do, and we are ready to deliver your order fast and safely by any means. No matter how far you are and how urgent you need your custom CBD packaging, you can always rely on us. We guarantee careful handling and on-time delivery of your custom CBD packaging, taking this burden off your shoulders.

You are good to go!

So you have your product set, carefully packed in custom CBD packaging, and ready to take over the market! From now on your brand will become recognizable. People will notice it on the shop shelves and display boxes, take pictures and spread the word on social media, and make unpackaging videos on YouTube, popularizing your name among subscribers. Quality custom CBD packaging helps you to gain consumers` trust, work out relationships, and become recognizable and desired. 

As you see even such a complicated and significant process as the creation of custom CBD packaging is not that confusing and complicated once you bring in professional help, you may rely on. 

Contact us today and learn about all our innovative custom CBD solutions and what they can do for your brand today. Get an instant quote on Custom CBD boxes, labels, stickers, and various other packaging and promotional solutions. Let`s work on your success together!

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