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How to Design Amazing Custom CBD Retail Packaging

A simple 3 step guide to designing Custom CBD packaging for small businesses

You’ve got a great CBD product that’s ready to sell; now you just need to design the packaging.  Working out how to create the best custom boxes can be difficult, especially for small businesses looking for CBD packaging solutions.

To make the process easier, we’ve simplified everything you need to know about custom packaging for small business into three key points.

Choose sturdy materials

Your packaging isn’t just there to draw the customer’s eye and tell them about your product.  Another important factor in packaging is its ability to protect your product.  When customers make purchases, they want to buy undamaged goods, which is why quality packaging is important.  Flimsy boxes may be cheaper to order but will cost you more in the long run in damaged wares that can’t be sold.

Reputation is everything.  It doesn’t matter how good your CBD product is if the customer never buys it.  Your packaging is the first interaction that your customer has with your product.  You want it to represent the level of quality they’re buying: the packaging influences the customer’s final purchasing decision.  product stand out from all the other ones just like it? By choosing something different than what they are doing. Choosing CBD packaging that is eco-friendly, has bright, eye-catching designs, and appeals to consumers that are also eco-conscious as well.

Customise the box size and design

 Your product is unique, and the packaging should reflect that to help it stand out from the competition.  When designing your CBD custom boxes, think about the size and shape of the product, and the type of packaging best suited to hold it.  

Your CBD packaging is more than just a box to hold the product; it’s also an opportunity to make your product stand out. When used to its full potential, the packaging can become a great tool for helping you sell your product. When you make the box more appealing, you also make the customer more likely to choose your product over a competitor.

Create a compelling printed design

What goes on the box is as important as what goes in the box.  The range of CBD products available it quickly growing as more companies jump on board the trend.  When faced with a shelf full of similar products by different companies, you only have a matter of seconds to capture the customer’s attention.

People very rarely compare every single product before making their selection. They’ll look at the first two or three that appeal to them and pick from those.  You want to make sure that the first product that grabs their attention is yours, which is why creating a compelling design for your packaging is so crucial. 

People are attracted to colour, so take advantage of this in the printed design of the packaging.  Provide information about the product, and the benefits of CBD, many people are still new to the idea and will want to know why they should purchase these products.

Don’t be afraid to let your business’s personality shine through.  In personalising your packaging, you’re more likely to make a connection with your customers, which in turn leads to sales. 

Here at CBD Box Factory, we understand everything that goes into crafting the perfect CBD custom boxes for your product. There’s nothing we love more than designing custom packaging for small businesses.  If you’d like to learn more about our services or get in touch today, click here.

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