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If you think that packaging is just a box that contains a product, you are about to discover a whole new world of opportunities for your business. In case, you already understand the meaning and value of packaging for your product, but don`t have a clear vision of how to benefit from it you are also up for a treat. In this article, we shall give a detailed definition of packaging, describe all kinds of boxes and containers, explain the difference between them and the pros and cons that will let you decide, what packaging will be the best solution for your product. Moreover, we shall answer the eternal questions – what is the difference between standard and custom packaging, and does it matter for CBD brands what kind of packaging to use? Continue reading and learn about all the features of packaging, its role in a product`s promotion, and how your brand can benefit from quality packaging while significantly reducing the associated costs.

Thinking out of the box

Packaging – for most people, this is just a box that they will get rid of as soon as they bring the product home. They don`t even suspect that the packaging was the reason they:

  • Paid attention to the product
  • Bought the product
  • Will be satisfied with the product
  • Will get interested in other products of the same brand
  • Will recommend this product and brand to their friends and family

A lot of features for a simple cardboard box, isn’t it? However, over 80% of business owners recognize the importance of packaging for the success of the brand. Moreover, the packaging is considered to be one of the main factors that determine whether the new product launch will be a success or a disastrous flop and a waste of money and reputation. And when we talk about such a novelty on the market as the CBD industry, quality packaging also carries the educational feature that puts the destiny of a prosperous CBD market at stake.

Definition of packaging

Since packaging has so many features, it is pretty obvious that its definition holds something more comprehensive than just a “container” or a “box”. The packaging is relevant to numerous industries. And each of them has its specific definition for packaging:

  • Logistics – packaging defines whether the storing and delivery of a product will be safe and efficient. Quality packages increase the efficiency of logistics processes and reduce the risk of extra expenditure.
  • Marketing – marketers see packaging as a powerful tool for the promotion and development of a product or the brand in general. Packaging plays an important role in the creation of the brand image and acts as a communication means between a brand and a potential customer.
  • Retail – playing a great role in the layout and overall vision of the salesfloor, packaging becomes a powerful tool for retailers to attract customers into their location, draw their attention and inspire additional sales that form the lion`s share of any store`s revenue.

No wonder the packaging industry today worth $851.1 billion. And the numbers are only growing. For example in 2020 the worth of the packaging industry grew almost 3%, which is pretty impressive considering the overall economic recession due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

Packaging and the CBD industry

CBD packaging might be the brightest example of how packaging does not only deliver a product to a customer in its finest condition but creates a whole new industry. With the wave of legalization of Cannabidoils, the CBD industry has soon enough become one of the fastest-growing on today`s market. Its growth didn’t decrease even during the Lockdown and was not influenced by the quarantine restrictions that much. It has mostly happened because CBD brands were among the first ones who recognized the convenience and safety of online sales.

But packaging has played a huge role in the establishment of the CBD industry and continues contributing to its development. While the legalization process continues, most consumers, who have been influenced by the official media all their lives, are still pretty reluctant towards CBD and all Marijuana-related products. There is nothing to do with the stigmas of society and for most of them, it may take years and even decades to die out. In this case, educating people about the safety and benefits of CBD products may be considered as an imposition or a marketing trick.

Packaging has helped the CBD industry from the very beginning by manipulating the image of products and brands. Custom CBD packages have taken the “weed” feature out of the equation and represented products from different perspectives. That is how CBD brands became associated more with healthcare, wellness, or beauty than recreational drugs and bohemian lifestyle. While creating a custom CBD package, brands could focus on color palettes, quality of the packaging materials, fronts, and printing methods that showed represented their products firs of all as:

  • Craft cosmetics
  • Fitness supplies
  • Luxury self-care products
  • Wellness products
  • Pet-care products and food supplies

With this representation, CBD products were not associated with anything illegal or forbidden anymore and became attractive for a larger auditorium of consumers. Soon enough they have acknowledged all the benefits of CBD products, became more aware of the industry, and started to recommend them to their friends and families.

As a result, the CBD industry’s worth is about $1 billion today and is expected to grow to $5,3 billion in the next 5 years. This is just one example of how quality custom CBD packaging has created a prosperous industry.

The attributes of packaging

Now that we know the importance of packaging, let`s try to analyze the attributes of quality packaging. This knowledge will help you see beyond a colorful design and understand whether your packaging meets all the requirements of the modern market.

Easy storing

We have already mentioned that quality packaging is important for efficient logistics. Let`s have a closer look at this feature. At least 66% of business owners claim that it is important for them whether the package makes it easy to store and transport products. This feature allows you to offer your customers deliveries, provide more inventory to retail points, and be able to order bigger lots of commodities and provide more product at one, significantly cutting the production costs.

Ability to reseal

When it comes to the efficiency of your business, every detail matters. And the ability to re-seal and use a package again optimizes your costs significantly. This is relevant both for bulk and individual packages. Most consumers of CBD products are environmentally-aware people, who value the recyclability of packaging greatly. Needless to say that in this case, your custom CBD packaging becomes a significant image feature for your CBD brand.

Easy to open

Being custom-made does not mean complex or sophisticated. On contrary, custom packaging allows you or your customers to get better access to a product. That is why in over 60% of cases it is crucial whether your packaging is easy to open and close and does not stall the logistics or makes a customer put an extra effort while trying to open the box. From storing at a warehouse to daily use of CBD Oil, the opinion about your brand is greatly influenced by whether it is easy to open your CBD oil box.

Ability to extend product life

While dealing with fresh and organic commodities, you face a significant issue: most CBD products have a pretty restricted lifecycle. As a result, you cannot produce bigger lots, transport your CBD products to further destinations, or store it for a long time. However, quality custom CBD boxes may significantly increase any product`s life. Securing your CBD oils and tinctures from UV light and preserving CBD bath bombs from moisture, custom CBD boxes give you a larger field for logistics maneuvering and preservation from additional costs. In at least 55% of cases, the lifecycle of the product is the dealbreaker when it comes to packaging.

Easy to carry

Except for being attractive, informative, and durable, your package should simply be easy to use. 47% of business owners claim that the convenience aspect of their packaging played a huge role in sales. In other words, if a package is comfortable and easy to use and a person may easily through it in a backpack, carry, and use it during the day, you have bigger chances for recommendations and repeated sales.

As you see, there are lots of features to consider, and eventually, it is much easier and cheaper to order custom CBD packaging than digging up the whole packaging industry looking for a perfect ready packaging solution. Custom CBD packaging does not mean creating complex designs and solutions. It means getting yourself packaging that will be most comfortable and efficient for you and your customers.

Packaging materials

It may seem that packaging is all about post boxes or cardboard boxes. But as we said before, the packaging is a huge industry. The quality and features of packaging vary according to its materials. At the same time, different materials may be a perfect solution for one type of product and a total waste or even hazard for another.

Cardboard packaging

At least 35.7% of all the packaging in the world are cardboard boxes and containers. This is pretty understandable, being the most eco-friendly and customizable, cardboard boxes are versatile enough to be used for any products. The range of cardboard materials is so wide that in this segment you will see tough and durable post boxes and delicate, luxury-looking cosmetic or candy boxes.


  • Customizable
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Affordable
  • Easily recyclable


  • Less durable than plastic containers
  • Mostly expendable – can be used only once or for a limited period

Flexible packaging

The second-biggest share of the packaging market is the so-called flexible packages. Those are various bags and envelopes that are zipped or sealed somehow. At least 23.3% of custom packages created today are flexible packages. Flexible packages can be used for almost any kind of CBD products – from food supplies to cosmetic CBD products.


  • Less costly than most packaging
  • Easy to customize
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to ship and store
  • Their production is the most eco-friendly


  • Not recyclable
  • Don`t protect the product fully from extensive temperatures or air
  • May affect the flavor of the fragrance of CBD products

Rigid plastic

While we continue repeating the mantra “Plastic is not fantastic”, plastic packages and containers remain among the most popular packaging materials today. Most cosmetic brands and food companies recognize the convenience and safety of plastic packages comparing to their cardboard or glass analogs. And while the production and recycling of plastic packaging remain the main issue for environmental protection, its reusability and new recycling technologies show that plastic packages will remain on a market for a very long time.


  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Low-cost
  • Versatility


  • Eco-hazardous
  • Don` protect products from extensive temperatures
  • When compromised may alter the quality of products


When we talk about durability, hardly there is anything better than metal packaging. Looking more significant and valuable, metal packages are very popular among cosmetic and jewelry brands as long as food businesses and many more. CBD brands also often offer their customers metal packages as the most durable and versatile ones. At least 12.2% of all the packages produced today are various metal boxes and containers.


  • Durability
  • Recyclability
  • Comprehensive protection of a product


  • Expensive
  • It can be hazardous for food and cosmetic products
  • Heavy
  • Content not visible


6,6% of the packaging share are glass packages. Glass bottles and containers will always remain the ultimate choice for most cosmetic products, CBD oils or CBD tinctures, or fragrances. Being durable to chemical reactions, glass preserves the scent of a product perfectly. And the custom-made glass containers usually find a second life as soon as the product is over.


  • More eco-friendly than plastic analogs
  • Almost zero chemical interaction
  • 100% recyclable


  • Fragile and unsafe once broken
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

Another packaging solution

The packaging technologies are constantly developing, offering us new solutions. Combining different features of the most popular packages, world-leading laboratories create innovative materials that give us hope that soon packaging will get rid of most of its cons and will offer us only benefits.

Packaging and Environmental protection

The environmental aspect remains the most controversial one when we talk about various packaging methods and materials. With the raising awareness about eco-friendly manufacture and the impact of packaging on the environment, this aspect becomes a decisive point for many customers whether to buy a product or vice versa, avoid a whole brand and even boycott it.

The ratio of packaging consumption and its influence on the environment is closely related to the manufacture and consumption capacities of every region. For example, most of the packaging (42.1%) is being produced and used in Asia, where most of the goods still come from. North America comes right after with almost 25% as one of the main consumer markets in the world.

The ecological impact of packaging production and recycling, and its hazard, lead to the fact that modern packaging companies pay more attention to eco-friendly and recyclable materials, offering:

  • Recyclable packages
  • Packaging solutions made out of recyclable materials

As for the CBD industry, it became a specific greenhouse for the most innovative packaging solutions that are aimed to change the customer`s vision of packaging and start taking it as an important aspect while choosing a product. Custom CBD packaging offers solutions that help customers feel that by buying from a specific CBD brand, they make an impact on environmental protection.

What else can be done?

We can talk for ages about innovative packaging materials and solutions, but let`s face it, their development, production, and distribution may be quite costly, causing brands that use them to raise prices on their products.

The modern packaging industry comes with various nifty solutions that release the eco-tension and make packaging more cost-efficient.

Pre-made packaging

The best feature of pre-made packaging is that its production naturally causes a less manufacture-related hazard to the environment. When a packaging manufacturer works in smaller lots, adjusting the equipment, and changing the capacities all the time, the carbon emission increases significantly. But pre-made packaging has some obvious downside as it is not that customizable as most CBD brands would want it to be.


Everything you can use for a longer time is much more eco-friendly than a package that you through away right after buying the product. A re-sealable package is pretty popular on the CBD market as it is easy to use, cheap, and quite convenient for customers.


Simplicity and convenience are the main demand for the packaging market today. That is why GABLE BOXES are so popular among various brands. Nowadays you may see fast food and confectionary as well as cosmetic kits and gift sets packed into those nifty cardboard packages. Being attractive, customizable, and eco-friendly in their production and recycle, gabble boxes might be one of the most eco-friendly solutions on the modern packaging market.

Reduction in packaging material

The simplicity of genius comes to the rescue every time we start looking for innovative solutions. The reduction of material became such a solution for the packaging industry. While some packages do need to be endured and strengthened because of transportation and storing conditions or the presentable feature, sometimes packages are disposable. In this case reduction of packaging material while paying more attention to decoration make packaging more eco-friendly and also cost-efficient.

Such packages are:

  • Lightweight
  • Cost-efficient
  • Produce less garbage
  • Require fewer manufacture capacities

Space-saving packaging

Another eco-friendly packaging solution came from the world-famous game named Tetris. The ability to use all the given space efficiently and place things the way that they don`t interfere but complement each other with their position is the fundamental principle of modern design, architecture, and…packaging. This principle is mostly seen and applied in custom gift or cosmetic boxes. However, custom CBD packaging is limited only by the imagination of business owners or designers. there is always a way to come up with a nifty and original solution that will draw attention and use the space efficiently, without compromising on the performance. The space-saving packaging is akin to the reduction in packaging materials. It also reduces the costs, makes packaging lighter and more compact, and focuses on decoration and representation.

Custom packaging categories

While more and more brands recognize the benefits of custom packaging, the industry becomes more diverse, giving fruitful soil for various innovative companies. CBD Box Factory is one of them. They combined all their knowledge and experience in packaging manufacture and applied it to the prosperous CBD industry. Except for custom packaging design and manufacture, they pay a lot of attention to raising awareness about CBD products and helping new CBD brands to establish and develop. For instance, they provide a comprehensive legal check of every custom CBD package design, preserving their customers from legal complications that still follow the CBD industry.

There is another reason for the constant growth and development of focused packaging companies like CBD Box Factory. The industry itself is developing rapidly and scientific research finds new features and applications for CBD. So custom CBD packaging is not restricted to custom CBD oil boxes and custom CBD tincture containers.

Beauty products

The beauty industry is extremely comprehensive and shapes the biggest consumption market today. Being highly competitive, the beauty market forces businesses to be inventive in their marketing strategies. And the packaging is one of the most powerful tools in this matter. Since the CBD industry started to take an active part in the beauty market and introduced its beauty and self-care products, custom CBD packaging provided its original solutions in this field. Today you may order

  • Bath Bomb Boxes
  • Cosmetic Boxes
  • Hair extensions boxes
  • Soap Boxes
  • Lipstick and lip balm boxes

All those packages are designed and manufactured following the latest trends in the beauty industry and CBD culture.

Retail products

Presentation is everything. No matter how much effort, money, or knowledge you have invested in the development and manufacture of a product, most customers don`t care. They mostly look at the box, its features, and attractivity while deciding whether your brand worth their attention at all. Therefore custom retail packaging plays a huge role in the success story of any product. So whether your CBD brand is various or focused on some specific type of CBD products, addressing custom CBD packaging solutions is always the right move. For example, CBD Box Factory offers:

  • Candle boxes
  • Burger boxes
  • Cereal boxes
  • Popcorn boxes
  • Bakery boxes

And when you need to display your products in the shop or place it on a counter, you may benefit from:

  • Display boxes
  • Window boxes
  • Medicine boxes
  • Sleeves boxes
  • Chocolate boxes
  • Hexagon boxes
  • Pillow boxes

And don`t forget about Mailer Boxes. Being the foundation of efficient and safe delivery and storage, those durable cardboard boxes are also entirely customizable. You can adjust their size and density and also place all the contact information, the logo of your company, or decorative details that will make your brand stand out among the competitors even in the storage unit.

Luxury rigid boxes

We have already described how custom packaging design has helped the CBD industry overcome the prejudice about Marijuana-related products and make customers get attracted by the product itself rather than focusing on its origin. Today you can also benefit from such exclusive custom CBD packaging solutions and point out the value of your CBD product, establishing it in the luxury market segment.

  • Jewelry boxes
  • Magnetic closure boxes
  • Telescopic boxes

Those showy packaging solutions combined with the creativity of a design team shape a specific image of any product, making it attractive for a wider range of consumers who may not be aware of the benefits of CBD products at all, but constantly look for innovative and exclusive offers.

What else?

Even in our digital era, you cannot rely on virtual promotion and marketing solutions entirely. People still appreciate the value of personal touch and take the paper quality, printing, and overall look of various promotional materials. That is why packaging companies like CBD Box Factory also offer custom promotional materials:

  • Booklets
  • Brochures
  • Business Stationery
  • Flyers
  • Folders

They attract and create a certain atmosphere. Just like paper books will never disappear despite the development of electronic devices and reading apps, the use of custom promotional materials during business meetings or while launching and developing a new product is a nice and efficient touch to the overall experience.

Follow CBD Box Factory and learn about various custom CBD packaging solutions for your business today.

The packaging is not just a huge industry – it is a huge world of opportunities and perspectives for businesses and entrepreneurs who are willing to explore the full potential of the market and industry that they chose. It is a way to communicate with customers, demonstrate them your care and attitude, inform and educate them about your mission. Through packaging, you may demonstrate your policy towards environmental protection, fair trade, and conscious consumption winning approval from a larger auditorium. Custom CBD packaging deserved its segment on the packaging market as it develops and supports an industry that improves the lives of numerous people every day.

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