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The possibility of modifying a product that is in the stage of maturity. Examples of products that have been successfully modified and introduced as new thanks to packaging innovations:

Going through the stages from production to final consumption, packaging is one of the most important conditions for the formation of the competitiveness of a product and the preservation of its consumer properties. At the same time, the functions of packaging begin to form from the very beginning of the production of goods. Their effect extends to the entire route of the goods from the manufacturer of the Custom display box to the warehouse, wholesale or retail store.

The packaging ceases to perform its functions at the moment when the buyer removes the goods from it and destroys (returns) it. As long as the packaging is not destroyed, it can perform a number of marketing functions, which will be noted below, as well as used by the consumer in a way not intended by the manufacturer.

Focus on Marketing and Production

A distinction is usually made between marketing and production and trade functions of packaging. The most important marketing functions of packaging, which are manifested to a greater extent in the case of packaging consumer goods, include:

The function of preserving the quality and quantity of goods, which is sometimes called fundamental, although it is more related to production and commodity research than to marketing. The main purpose of packaging is to protect the goods from possible damage, to ensure that its consumer properties remain unchanged for a certain time under specified conditions of transportation and storage;

The function of forming the quality of the goods: The design features of the packaging should ensure the convenience of using the product, satisfy the needs of the buyer as much as possible, and its design should form an image of a quality product in the eyes of the consumer;

The function of forming the demand for the product: Packaging can attract the attention of a potential buyer; form a certain image of the product. For this purpose, elements of advertising design are used on it an appropriate color scheme, font selection, slogans, etc.

Product identification function: Packaging should provide the consumer with the opportunity to see the product before purchasing it, for example, in the case of using transparent packaging materials, as well as special “windows”, i.e. transparent elements.

Function of providing information about the product: Thanks to the labeling placed on the packaging, potential consumers can get the necessary information about the product, its quality, composition, shelf life, methods of use, etc.

Function of promoting sales of goods: The use of packaging or its parts during various promotions, placement of valuable gifts or winning coupons in it, which are then used in contests and prize draws or providing certain benefits when purchasing goods, can reduce the cost of other sales promotion activities.

Marketing research function: Feedback from its consumers is always important for the manufacturer. The establishment of such a connection is facilitated by the placement on the packaging of detailed information about the manufacturer (address, contact numbers, a link to a website on the Internet, etc.), as well as inside it various inserts in the form of questionnaires, questionnaires, etc. Used and discarded packaging can also serve as a source of information for the inquisitive marketer. For the Custom CBD Boxes with logo this is important.

Merchandising function: Undoubtedly, packaging should be convenient for the trade, both in the case of optimizing the display of goods on racks and shelves, and in the case of warehouse operations. In addition, any packaging is a factor in the costs associated with the production of goods. The amount of packaging costs should be in a reasonable proportion to the value of the packaged goods.

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