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How can packaging increase sales?

The packaging, or packaging of products, is a powerful marketing tool to sell more and retain customers. Packaging is considered to be the primary medium of a product, a bit like the cover of a book. The packaging elements have a direct impact on the perception of customers, and encourage discovering the interior, arousing curiosity. The evolution of technologies and lifestyles has pushed companies to use imagination and redouble their efforts to seduce consumers and create a stir.

So how do you achieve business goals through packaging? What advantages do companies derive from good packaging design? This article provides an overview of the question of the relationship between packaging design and increased sales. This is perfect for Custom packaging now.

Packaging, a Real Economic Weapon

A packaging has the advantage of being able to make a product more attractive to the consumer, and to help the latter to decode its attributes and properties. Good packaging helps identify items and trigger the act of purchasing.

To build a visual identity, companies do not hesitate to associate their packaging with the brand’s logo. The packaging is also an excellent tool for protecting products against damage, which facilitates their use, increases their ergonomic qualities, and helps fight counterfeiting.

The design of packaging is a formidable performance lever for commercial activities. Consumers perceive the color, the shape and then the graphics, and it is for this reason that it is a subjective value conveyed by packaging.

What Is Packaging And How Important Is It?

Packaging represents how items are packaged to be offered for sale and arrive at their final destination in perfect condition. But it’s not just that. Packaging is also a way to surprise customers by giving them a good first impression on the products.

In marketing, a product has three dimensions: functional, which concerns its usefulness, sensory, related to the feelings of the buyer, and emotional, relating to the emotional effect of the purchase on the customer. These three dimensions are just as valid for packaging, which must be functional, ensure product preservation and stand out by arousing customer interest. Companies that make the effort to invest in quality packaging of Candle Boxes inevitably get a good profit.

Create Real Added Value

In an image-centric world, customers are increasingly looking to buy an experience to be lived, rather than just a product. A parcel packaged in an original and well-studied way automatically generates a kind of curiosity in the customer, who then puts him in a situation of waiting and suspense.

Improve the SEO of an Online Store

The unboxing experience can quickly go viral when shared on social media. It is a particularly demanded content which greatly attracts the attention of users. This is how the referencing of the online store can quickly be promoted, by thinking of packaging that is out of the ordinary, or that offers a unique experience.

Customer Loyalty

One of the biggest advantages of original packaging is customer loyalty. The latter indeed involves recurring and larger sales. A satisfied customer can turn into an ambassador for your brand, talking to others about their shopping experience and the care taken in presenting the product. It’s free, effective advertising that can quickly reach a large number of new customers.

Design Creative Packaging

Even if the primary objective of packaging is to protect the articles, so that they arrive to customers in perfect condition, the fact remains that it must be original and creative, in order to create added value. For this, it is essential to think carefully about the design of the packaging, so that they stand out from those of competitors. It is for example possible to create boxes in the form of unusual objects such as an old suitcase or a time capsule.

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